Saskatchewan man attempting to trade a deck of cards up to a Tesla Cybertruck

If you haven’t heard of the paperclip challenge, it is where someone starts off with something almost worthless and trades it up to their dream item.

It was made famous by a Montreal man, Kyle MacDonald, who traded a red paperclip all the way up to a two-storey house in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

Now another Canadian man, Tyler Golding from Saskatchewan, is attempting to turn a deck of cards into his dream car, a Tesla Cybertruck.

The idea started after his wife told him he’d never be allowed to buy a Cybertruck, so he decided to trade for one instead. From a deck of cards he has so far traded for some expensive items like a Macbook Pro, Xbox One, iMac, and two very rare PS5’s.

He traded one PS5 for two rare Pokemon cards, and the other for a mobility scooter, each valued at about $2,000.

How does he plan to end up with a Cybertruck? Golding told CTV News he is attempting to reverse-engineer the challenge by contacting people that have a Cybertruck reservation to see what they would trade for the electric truck.

To follow along with his challenge, you can check out his YouTube channel here.

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