Expandable camper turns the Tesla Cybertruck into the ultimate outdoor getaway

Even though the final design of the Tesla Cybertruck hasn’t been revealed, there is no shortage of companies attempting to design and build accessories for the electric truck.

The latest to emerge is a new camper that fits in the bed of the Cybertruck and turns it into the ultimate outdoor getaway.

Designed by California startup Form Camper, this accessory starts off as a rectangular box in the Cybertruck vault.

Form Camper

But with the push of a button, it expands into a hard-walled mini-house with enough space for a double bed, kitchen, bathroom, and even a 400-watt rooftop solar system.

Form Camper

Thanks to its carbon fiber body, it will have a dry weight of just 1,000 lbs (454kg), and a wet weight of only 1,300 lbs (590kg). It will have a 50 gallon fresh water storage tank, but have 100 gallons of usage capacity with its reverse osmosis filtration system.

The Form Camper can be powered by its own 300-Ah deep-cycle lithium-ion battery, or simply run it off the Cybertruck’s battery.

The roof-top solar panels will help extend the battery life and provide true off-grid camping.

When fully extended it will have 71 square feet of interior space, made larger by nylon canopies to provide 124 square feet of outdoor covered outdoor areas as well.

The company plans to have a prototype built by mid-2022, and begin production by the end of next year. First-run production will be limited to 500 units, with a sticker price of $69,500.

If you pre-order you can get discounts of between $5,000 and $20,000. The lowest price that will be offered is $49,500, but that requires a $10,000 deposit and is limited to just 25 units.

At the time of publication, 451 of the 500 units have already been reserved.

The Form Camper won’t be purpose built for the Cybertruck. The company’s website says it will be compatible with all standard truck beds (5.8ft, 6.5ft, and 8ft). That leaves out the Rivian R1T and its 4.5ft bed.

If you are interested, you can pre-orders yours at FormCamper.com.


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