Tesla Cybertruck castings start piling up outside Giga Texas as production nears

While Tesla fans wait for the long-awaited Cybertruck delivery event date to be announced, there are good signs that series production may soon become a reality at Giga Texas. Recent drone footage has revealed a large number of Cybertruck castings, both front and rear, stacked outside the plant, hinting at an imminent production surge.

The stockpile of front and rear Cybertruck castings were captured by operator Joe Tegtmeyer, with some fans estimating there were about 125 of the castings are now sitting outside the factory. The sight of so many castings sitting outside in the open raised questions among fans, but it’s not an uncommon practice for Tesla. The automaker often stores excess castings outside its facilities while maintaining a steady flow of production indoors. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of Model Y castings sitting outside the Fremont factory in California.

As it relates to Giga Texas and the Cybertruck however, the sheer number of castings is a significant milestone and something we haven’t seen before (for the Cybertruck at least), suggesting Tesla has a high level of confidence in their casting process using IDRA’s 9,000 ton Giga Press and its readiness for series production.

The sight of an ample supply of castings is an encouraging sign that Tesla is gearing up to start series production of the Cybertruck soon. With over two million reservations for the electric pickup, Tesla is motivated to start production and finally bring the Cybertruck to customers.

As for the delivery event, CEO Elon Musk was hoping to hold it before the end of Q3, but that timeline was obviously missed. The latest speculation is that it will take place later this month, which based on the number of castings being produced at Giga Texas right, is a very real possibility.

You can watch Tegtmeyer’s full drone flyover video below.

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