First GMC Hummer EV deliveries to begin next month with 329 mile range

GMC has announced that deliveries of the Hummer EV will begin as soon as December, taking the electric truck from concept to production in a record amount of time.

The automaker revealed at a meeting with journalists on Tuesday that they have ended pre-production of the Hummer EV. With the successfully completion, GMC will now move onto production of the top-of-the-line Edition 1 models.

That should mean early reservation holders could be driving off in their new Hummer EVs next month, which GMC said will come with 329 miles (529 km) of range on a full charge.

The Hummer EV was first unveiled in October 2020.

GMC Hummer EV gets size comparison against Tesla Model Y

GMC also revealed at the meeting there are around 125,000 customers that have shown interest in the electric truck. Surprisingly, about 80% of those people were interested in the Edition 1 variant, which isn’t exactly cheap at $112,595 USD (~$142,700 CAD).

It should be noted that those customers have not placed a final order.

GMC Hummer EV will be twice as heavy as a Tesla Model Y

Source: cnet

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