Drone operator gets dangerously close to Tesla Cybertruck at Fremont test track

After a short visit to Giga Texas, the latest version of the Tesla Cybertruck has made its way back to the Fremont factory in California.

What appears to the same Alpha prototype was spotted at the factory’s test track on Monday, with the electric truck looking a little different than it did in Austin.

Based on the aerial footage, the Cybertruck was covered in tape, along with numerous similar markings on the pavement around it.

The b-pillar cameras, as well as the side repeater cameras were also covered, suggesting some sort of testing or calibration of the multiple on-board cameras.

The Cybertruck is also missing its notoriously large single wiper on the front windshield.

The drone operator does get dangerously close to the Cybertruck and the employees, who rightly approach the drone in a successful attempt to scare it off.

While Elon Musk has expressed his support for drone operators to fly over Tesla’s factory’s, he did say it should be “reasonable” and “at a fair distance & not coming right up to people.”

Ironically, this same drone operator was approached by Tesla Security just last week, and used the same comments above to convince them to allow his flights.

With this latest stunt, it won’t be surprising if this is the last time we see a drone flyover from this particular pilot.

Hopefully it doesn’t mean the same for others who fly responsibly over Giga Texas and Tesla’s other factories on an almost daily basis.

Let us know in the comments below what you think Tesla might be doing with the Cybertruck in this video.

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