Tesla appears ready to launch Model Y Metallic Shadow wheels in North America

Tesla looks like they are getting close to launching the Model Y Metallic Shadow wheels and wheel covers in North America. The darker wheels were first launched in China last year, and could mean some other minor refreshes may be heading to Canada and the US soon.

In late September 2023, just a few weeks after unveiling the new Model 3, Tesla quietly launched a surprising update to the Model Y. While the changes were not as extensive as those in the new Model 3, it did bring with it a few new features that gave it a fresh look.

One of those was to ditch the silver and grey 19″ Gemini wheel covers, and to replace them with new black/dark grey wheel covers, which are called ‘Metallic Shadow.’ The change wasn’t just to the wheel cover, but also to the Gemini wheels themselves, which also got a new dark grey colour to match the wheel covers (the lip of the wheel is still visible).

Like many other changes that first appeared in China, Tesla now appears ready to bring the new wheels to North America nine months later. Over the weekend our friends over at The Kilowatts spotted several Model Y’s at the Fremont factory with the new darker wheels. Since they were waiting to be transported, they did not have the wheel covers on (Tesla does not transport vehicles with wheel covers attached).

The new Metallic Shadow wheels was not the only change Tesla made to the Model Y in China last year. With the minor refresh they also introduced an ambient LED light strip to the dash (and not to the doors like on the new Model 3), as well as replacing the wood panel on the dash with a new woven fabric similar to that found in the new Model 3.

Since The Kilowatts wasn’t able to get up close to these new Model Ys, we’ll have to wait and see if these changes are also included.

The good news for Canadians is these new wheels were spotted at the Fremont factory, which means Canada will be getting this update. This hasn’t been the case lately with other changes to the Model Y, like the new Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant, new Quicksilver paint, and the low interest rate offer, which are only available in the US.

While they haven’t officially launched in North America yet, you can add them to your vehicle’s avatar. Tesla added the Metallic Shadow wheel covers to the Service menu last year.

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