The CyberLandr is a disappearing camper for your Tesla Cybertruck


Stream It, a Las Vegas-based company, has announced the CyberLandr, a disappearing camper designed for the Cybertruck. The unique accessory will let you take your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and office anywhere and everywhere.

The disappearing camper is designed to be stowed in the bed of the Tesla Cybertruck. According to the company even though the camper will weigh about 1,200lbs, it will have little effect on the vehicle range and allow for true off-roading with the trailer.

CyberLandr Deployed in Forest

Included is a StarLink dish and a 32-inch Smart TV so you can bring your office with you. The camper also contains freestanding chairs that also transform into an RV-size queen bed.

Other features include porcelain countertop mirrors, radiant heated floors, a dry flush toilet, and a recirculating shower. It will also come with a water filtration system with UV meaning users can access drinking water from any stream or lake.

CyberLandr Kitchen

An onboard rechargeable battery powers the camper. It also includes 500 watts of solar panels that can replenish the truck and camper.

If you’re interested you can put down a deposit for a CyberLandr with prices ranging between $40,000 and $50,000 USD.

You can check out more info on their website.

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