Tesla reveals new details about Cybertuck ahead of earnings call

Tesla has published their Q2 2023 financial report, and included some new tidbits about the Cybertruck ahead of the earnings call later this afternoon, where many are expecting/hoping for an update on the Cybertruck.

Tesla unveiled the first Cybertruck prototype back in 2019, and since then the electric truck has gone through a number of design changes. Some of these changes are easy to spot, like the addition of side mirrors and the GigaWiper, while others are more difficult to notice, like the dimensions of the pickup truck and what’s going on underneath all that stainless steel.

In the Q2 2023 shareholder deck Tesla provided some details on the dimensions, while also subtly including a photo that clears up any confusion about what type of battery cells will be inside.

According to Tesla, the Cybertruck will be less than 19 feet in long, allowing it to fit in most standard residential garages. Not only that, Tesla says this makes it the first pickup truck to be less than 19 feet while still having four doors and a 6+ foot long bed, or Vault as Tesla has referred to it in the past.

“As far as we know, Cybertruck will be the first sub-19 ft. truck (fitting into a garage) that has both four doors and 6+ ft. bed. Both technologically and architecturally, this vehicle will break a lot of boundaries –very much in line with how we think about vehicle engineering and manufacturing,” Tesla said.

Also in the report was a photo of the first release candidate (RC) Cybertruck on the production line at Giga Texas. While the caption of the photo only describes just that, we can see the Cybertruck frame sitting on the production line has no floor. This is a clear indication it will come with a structural battery pack with 4680 cells.

Elon Musk has previously said details on the Cybertruck’s specs and pricing won’t be revealed until the delivery event later this year, but with all of the Cybertruck information Tesla has been teasing as of late, we may get more information later today on the earnings call. The call starts at 4:30pm CT (5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT), and you can listen to it here.



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