Third Tesla Supercharger in Merritt under construction [British Columbia]

Despite having a population of less than 8,000 people, Merritt’s location between Vancouver and the interior of British Columbia means the city is about to see its third Supercharger location open very soon.

Photos of the new Supercharger station shared with us by Tyler Jensen show much of the construction has already been completed and the pedestals are in the process of being installed in the parking lot of Mary Brown’s Chicken at 3663 De Wolf Way.

Based on the size of the parking lot and the location where they are being installed, it looks like this will be a 6-stall Supercharger, adding to the 16 Superchargers already open just down the road.

UPDATE September 7 10:01am PDT: Turns out they are building 8 stalls, 7 of which will be the regular stalls that you back in to plug in, and another separate pull-through stall for those with trailers. Thanks to Glenn for sending us this photo.

There is an 8-stall Supercharger 1.4km away at 3969 Crawford Avenue, and another 8-stall station 1.6km away at 3999 Airport Road.

Merritt’s third Supercharger was added as a proposed location in Tesla’s most recent quarterly update. The automaker says it is scheduled to open in Q1 2023, but given how far along they already are in construction it will likely open in Q3 2022.

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