Judge denies Musk request for additional Twitter employee’s names that had bot information

It looks like the latest round in the Twitter vs Musk legal battle has gone to Twitter.

Chancellor Kathaleen St. Judge McCormick has denied Musk’s request to interview additional Twitter employees about bot information.

Musk’s lawyers will be able to complete depositions of 41 people who had access to bot information.

However, the judge on the case ruled that Musk’s lawyers would not be able to interview the additional 22 ‘custodians’.

Musk‘s lawyers sent the request via a letter.

In her decision Chancellor McCormick noted:

Having reviewed the defendants’ letter dated August 9, 2022, and the plaintiff’s letter dated August 11, 2022, it is hereby ordered that the plaintiff is required to collect, review, and produce documents from Kayvon Keykpour. The plaintiff is not required to collect, review, or produce documents from any other of the defendants’ proposed 22 additional custodians. The plaintiff need only collect, review, and produce documents from the 41 custodians to which plaintiff has agreed to date and Mr. Beykpour.


The case heads to court on October 17 for a planned five-day trial.

However, either side can request that it be extended if needed.

Last week, Musk unloaded nearly $7 billion in Tesla shares in case he loses the case, and the purchase goes through.

He confirmed the sale in a Tweet on August 9.

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