Tesla Supercharger map update for Q3 2022

Although not exactly on schedule, Tesla has updated their map of upcoming Supercharger locations across Canada.

This update is definitely not the biggest we’ve seen, but several new stations have been added across the country. Unfortunately several proposed locations have also been removed as deals have apparently fallen through, for now.

Here are the all the new changes by province, along with the targeted opening dates.

British Columbia

  • Kamloops – Q3 2022
  • Mission – Q2 2023
  • Merritt – Q1 2023 (3rd location)
  • Vancouver – Q2 2023
  • Vancouver, West – REMOVED


  • Milk River – Q1 2023


  • Wynard – Q1 2023
  • Yorkton – Q2 2023


  • Brantford- Q2 2023
  • Napanee – Q4 2022
  • Scarborough – Q1 2023


  • Rouyn Nouranda – REMOVED
  • Saint Saveur – REMOVED
  • Val D’Or – REMOVED

You can access Tesla’s map here.

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