Third Tesla Supercharger in Merritt now open [British Columbia]

Credit: Tesla Charging | Twitter

Tesla Canada’s Supercharger team has opened their first station of 2023 in Merritt, British Columbia. This now gives the small town of Merritt, a key stopping point between Vancouver and the interior of the province, three Supercharger stations.

This third Supercharger station is located in the parking lot of Mary Brown’s Chicken at 3663 De Wolf Way. Construction began back in August and the site feature 8 V3 Superchargers stall capable of charging up to 250kW. Seven of the stalls are the kind that you back in to plug in, and the eighth is a separate pull-through stall for those with trailers.

The official Tesla Charging Twitter account announced the opening this morning.

Tesla’s website has been updated to show it is open, and the station is already appearing on the in-car navigation. Supercharger fees vary from $0.33 per minute up to $1.75 per minute.

The other two Supercharger stations in Merritt are located 1.4km away at 3969 Crawford Avenue, and 1.6km away at 3999 Airport Road. Both of these stations are also 8 stalls, giving Merritt a total of 24 Supercharger stalls.

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