Tesla’s Supercharger truck with Megapack catches fire

Tesla mobile Megapack and Supercharger caught on fire

Tesla sometimes provides trucks fitted with Megapacks and Superchargers at its charging stations to help with congestion. One such truck caught on fire in Baker, California, according to pictures posted by eye-witnesses.

The extra Megapacks and Superchargers supplement the supply at busy charging stations. They are placed on trucks so they can move to locations where more capacity is needed easily. They are usually the most active during the holidays when more people travel.

However, the truck sent to Tesla’s Baker, California station to cope with New Year’s extra demand caught fire.

Plugshare posted a photo of the burnt truck. However, it appears the Supercharger stalls near it were not affected. Another user reported that about half of the Superchargers were working later during the day. The site has 40 chargers.

Neither Tesla nor the local fire department has commented on the incident, which was first reported by Electrek.

Tesla has deployed thousands of its Megapacks worldwide. They have become popular for supporting renewable energy supply or augmenting power grids.

Last September, a Megapack used for an energy storage project caught fire in Moss Landing, California. A year earlier, a coolant leak caused a fire at Victorian Big Battery project in Australia.