Tesla upgrading Urban Supercharger in Etobicoke [Ontario]

For the second time in a month in Canada, and for just the second time that we are aware of anywhere in the world, Tesla is upgrading a slow Urban Supercharger to faster, newer technology.

The first time this took place was earlier this month in Laval, Quebec. The 20 stall Urban Supercharger, which delivers a maximum of just 72kW, was upgraded to V2 Superchargers, more than doubling the max charging rate to 150kW.

Now Tesla is doing the same in neighbouring Ontario at the Etobicoke Supercharger at CF Sherway Gardens.

Until now this has also been a 20 stall Urban Supercharger, but this week Tesla started tearing out the Urban Superchargers and replacing them with the newer pedestals, according to a photo shared on TMC.

Since the work is still ongoing we can’t say for sure, but we assume they will end up being V2 Superchargers just like Laval. A switch to V3 Superchargers would require upgrades to the electrical  infrastructure to handle the 250kW max charging speed.

These two upgrades, first in Laval and now in Etobicoke is a promising sign for other cities with Urban Superchargers.

As the name implies the Urban Supercharger was designed and intended for urban settings, but as the number of Tesla owners continues to expand, the slow charging rates and subsequently slow turnover rate offered by these stations are no longer suitable for these locations.

If you have an Urban Supercharger in your area, let us know if you spot yours getting a similar upgrade by emailing us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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