Tesla doubling Canadian Supercharger Design Team to further expand network

Tesla is looking to further expands its Supercharger network in Canada and is currently running a hiring campaign that will see their Supercharger Design Team double in size.

Tesla’s Supercharger network is unmatched in Canada, both for its reliability and its expansiveness. In 2019 Tesla turned on nearly two dozen Superchargers in central Canada just days before Christmas, officially completing their coast to coast network of EV fast chargers.

The company has added many more since then, currently with over a dozen sites under construction or waiting to be turned on across the country.

With some of the highest EV adoption rates in the world, Tesla is looking to expand their network even further and is aiming to double the size of their Supercharger Design Team in Canada.

The news was shared by Jase Zampini, a Tesla Supercharger Design Lead based in Montreal, who posted on Linkedin that “designing & building EV infrastructure in Canada is a special calling.” (via Electrek)

Zampini listed three reasons why, citing Canada’s vast size, the high rate of EV adoption north of the border, and of course the fact that it gets a little cold in Canada sometimes.

As a result, Zampini says Tesla is “doubling our specialized Canadian team to lead the charge from coast to coast.”

Zampini pointed to several job postings on his profile for Design Managers based in Toronto, Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Quebec.

There are also several other job postings related to Superchargers on Tesla’s Careers website, including for Supercharger Construction Managers and Project Developers based in Vancouver, Toronto, and Quebec.

Hopefully this push to add more Superchargers will expand the charging network further north as there are no Supercharger locations above the 55th parallel.

There are also many underserved areas in the country. One of those is Vancouver Island which has among the highest concentration of Tesla owners per capita in North America, yet has just two Supercharger stations in Victoria and Nanaimo, with the Victoria station being only a 72kW Urban Supercharger.

While Tesla is planning to add more Superchargers in Canada, they will soon also be able to shift from per-minute billing to a fairer kWh billing structure. Drive Tesla reported exclusively last week that Measurement Canada will allow all DC fast charger operators to bill customers for the amount of energy they use, not the amount of time they are plugged in, before the end of 2022.

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