Tesla updates Supercharger fee structure in Canada following similar changes in the US [Update]

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Tesla has updated their Supercharger rates in Canada to align with similar changes made in the United States last year.

Since November owners in the US have been billed under four different rate tiers, up from the previous two-tier system.

The changes were made to better account for the differences in charging speeds between Urban, V2, and V3 Superchargers.

Today, Tesla has also shifted to four tiers in Canada. New tiers have been added for charging speeds from below 60kW, 60-100kW, 100-180kW, and above 180kW.

In a review of Superchargers in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, rates vary from as low as $0.19 per minute for 0-60kW, up to $1.65 per minute for 180-250kW Supercharging speeds.

Previously owners were billed anywhere between about $0.20 to about $0.50 per minute, meaning most Supercharging sessions will now likely be more expensive.

UPDATE 9:05pm PST: Here is an example of how the new fee structure impacts your bill. Our article was shared on the Tesla Model 3 Canadian Facebook group, and one owner shared this receipt of two almost identical charging sessions at the Orangeville Supercharger. Before the price change, a 25 minute session cost $9.85. Today, a 24 minute session cost $16.26, or nearly 70% more.

Credit: Bobbii Schoonings /Facebook

UPDATE: It is important to also note that these rates are not for the entire charging session, but based on your individual charging curve. For example, if your session starts at 250kW and stays there for 3 minutes, you will be charged the highest rate for those 3 minutes. Then as your speed tapers, you will pay the corresponding rate for your charging speed.

UPDATE 4:36pm PST: Here are some rates for Superchargers in Ontario, and they are even higher, topping out at $2.05 at the Kitchener Supercharger.

UPDATE: Here is the most expensive rate we have seen. The Charlottetown Supercharger costs $2.45/minute at speeds between 180-250kW.

There has been no change to how owners in Canada are billed as the fees are still calculated by the minute, and not by the actual amount of energy used.

Measurement Canada is working to change that, but any official changes are not going to be happening soon.

You can read more about the changes on the Supercharger Support page.

What are the Supercharger rates under this new system in your part of Canada? Let us know in the comments below.

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