Tesla updates Supercharger fee structure, moving to four tiers for per minute billing

Tesla has updated their Supercharger fee structure, increasing the number of tiers when customers are billed by the minute.

The changes have been made to better account for the differences in charging speeds between Urban, V2, and V3 Superchargers.

There has been no change to how owners are billed when the fees are calculated per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Old Supercharger Fee Structure

Previously there were two tiers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 for when owners are billed by the minute.

The first tier was for charging at or below 60kW, or when sharing power with another Tesla vehicle plugged in at the same time.

Tier 2 was for any charging at speeds above 60kW. The costs associated with each tier varied by location, but Tier 1 was half the cost of Tier 2.

New Supercharger Fee Structure

In an update to the Supercharger support page this week, Tesla has shifted to four tiers. New tiers have been added for charging speeds from 60-100kW, 100-180kW, and above 180kW.

supercharger new tiers
Credit: Tesla

UPDATE 8:37am PST: Here is an example of the new fee structure at a Supercharger in Pigeon Forge, TN (via Reddit).


This new fee structure should be beneficial to Tesla owners. Prior to this update you were billed the same amount if you were charging at 61kW or 250kW.

Now you will be charged the second-lowest price per minute for charging between 60kW and 100kW, and only charged the highest price per minute for charging above 180kW.

In the end, this should move the sessions fees when billed by the minute closer to what owners pay when billed by the amount of energy they consume (per-kWh), much like gas car drivers are only billed for the amount of fuel they pump into their cars.

This change appears to only be in effect in the United States. The Canadian support page still indicates only two tiers are applicable north of the border.

Tesla is however working with Measurement Canada to implement a per kWh billing standard, which is targeted to be implemented next year.

Measurement Canada to transition to per-kWh billing for EV charging

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