Starlink continues to deliver the fastest satellite internet service in Canada

Starlink has retained its title as Canada’s fastest satellite internet service, according to the most recent speed tests conducted by Ookla. The internet speed experts tested Starlink and other internet service providers’ speeds over the quarter and found increases across the board.

In Canada, Starlink download speeds increased by 28 Mbps over the last two quarters, with an average of 93.97 Mbps. This is 40 per cent faster than US speeds on Starlink measured at the same time.

Starlink also posted the fastest upload speed of the satellite internet providers, with an average upload speed of 9.60 Mbps. However, Starlink is still far behind the main terrestrial players in Canada for upload speed.

Viasat, also operating in Canada, saw a massive increase in speed. Back in Q3 2022, the company posted a 24.36 Mbps speed. While in Q1 2023, Viasat is now delivering 48.24 Mbps.

Starlink is currently in a massive push to gain more rural subscribers in Canada, offering one of the best deals on hardware we have seen. If you qualify, you can pay just $199 for Starlink hardware which is 70 per cent off the standard $759 price tag.

In the United States, the company is seeing issues with keeping up with broadband in terms of speed, according to the same Ookla study. Even with modest gains in speed, Starlink is up to 68 per cent slower than broadband options in some metropolitan areas. Even with this, users still love the service and are more likely to recommend Starlink to their friends and family than other internet options.

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