Elon Musk confirms Tesla Supercharger network will open to other EVs later this year

There have been several rumours in recent months that Tesla was going to open up access to their expansive Supercharger network to other automakers. The most recent came from Europe where Norwegian officials stated Tesla had agreed top build two ‘universal’ Superchargers as part of conditions to receive funding for the project.

It wasn’t going to happen soon though, with documents stating the Superchargers would not open until Q3 2022.

The news of Tesla potentially opening up access to other automakers was met with praise by some Tesla fans and owners, and derision from others. Praise because CEO Elon Musk was living up to Tesla’s mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

But also derision because of issues around the potential of increased congestions at stations, among other things.

Musk has now confirmed that Tesla will allow other electric vehicles (EVs) to use the Supercharger network, and it will happen much soon than everyone thought.

In a tweet Tuesday afternoon, the CEO said other EVs will be able to use Superchargers later this year.

Musk did not specify where exactly this will happen, but did add that it will eventually happen at all Superchargers around the world.

The announcement brings with it a lot of questions. Who is going to be able to use the Supercharger network? Will they require an adapter? Will new EVs be built with Tesla’s proprietary charging port? How will other EVs pay for charging sessions?

Answers to these questions will come with time, but we may already have an answer for at least one of them.

Earlier this year proclaimed Tesla employee @BillWri90307793 suggested Tesla had developed both an adapter and an app for third party EVs to use Superchargers. While it was just a rumour, he has been known to provide reliable information in the past.

This isn’t the first time Musk has talked about opening the Supercharger network to others. Late last year he confirmed that another automaker has taken up his offer to use the Supercharger network, but it was done “low-key.”

That deal was likely with Aptera, which has yet to release a vehicle but have dropped several hints and even shown the Tesla charging inlet in a promotional video.

Aptera Tesla inlet

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