Tesla planning 96-stall Supercharger in Baker, California

The Baker Supercharger first opened in 2017 as one of the largest in the state with 40 V2 Supercharger stalls.

It has since been eclipsed by sites more than twice its size, but if a new application filed by Tesla is approved, it will become the second largest station in California, and the world.

According to documents uncovered by Drive Tesla, the automaker has filed a pre-application review with San Bernardino County to add an additional 56 Supercharger stalls to the existing 40 stalls already on site. We currently do not know if Tesla will be installing a solar canopy as part of the project.


With a total of 96 stalls, Baker will just miss the world record, which is currently held by Harris Ranch, with 98 stalls.

Both of these stations are in the permitting phase, so the largest active Supercharger is located in Shanghai and has 72 stalls.

Another California Supercharger is also undergoing a massive expansion. The famous Kettleman City Supercharger is getting 56 new stalls added across the street from the existing 40-stall Supercharger station.

New Kettleman City Tesla Supercharger station adds another 56 stalls

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