Tesla increases Supercharger fees in Europe 30% or more [Update]

It is now much more expensive to plug in and use a Supercharger in Europe after Tesla raised its per kWh Supercharging fees as much as 30% or more at stations across the region on Monday.

Before today’s price increase the cost to plug in to most Superchargers in Germany was around €0.55 or €0.57 ($0.73-$0.76 CAD) per kWh, depending on the station, according to Tesla’s in-car navigation.

Now that cost has increased to between €0.70 and €0.72 ($0.93-$0.96), about 30% higher than before.

It wasn’t just Germany that was subject to such a massive price increase, as the same changes were reported by owners in the Netherlands.

Owners in Austria also reported seeing an even larger increase in their Supercharger rates going from around €0.49 to €0.67 ($0.65-$0.89 CAD), a 37% increase from before.

Tesla has not commented on these price increases, so we don’t know the official reason behind them. We could speculate it could be because of the region’s increasing electricity prices, but without an official comment it is just just, speculation.

UPDATE: Tesla has emailed owners in Europe to say the prices have increased because of rising electricity prices.

“Due to increasing energy prices, we have adjusted Supercharging prices across Europe. To view charging rates, tap the Supercharger pin on your in-vehicle touchscreen navigation and select a Supercharger location.,” the email reads (translated from German).

Have you seen a large jump in your Supercharger rates? Let us know where you live and what the changes were in the comments below or email us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

Tesla owners in Canada were subject to a large Supercharger fee increase earlier this year with the introduction of a four-tier fee structure based on the charging speeds while plugged in.

The lowest cost was when charging at speeds at or below 60kW (Tier 1), while the most expensive rates at speeds above 180kW (Tier 4), leading to charging sessions being two or three (or more) times as expensive as before.

This resulted in a lot of negative feedback from owners across the country, which Tesla apparently heard as they adjusted the rates lower a few months later.

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