Tesla adjusts Supercharger fees in Canada in response to criticism after massive increases

Tesla has adjusted Supercharger fees in Canada again, just over two months introducing a new four-tier structure that saw the cost of Supercharging increase substantially.

In March Supercharger fees north of the border moved to a four-tier system that billed owners varying amounts to better account for the differences in charging speeds between Urban, V2, and V3 Superchargers.

The lowest cost was when charging at speeds at or below 60kW (Tier 1), while the most expensive rates at speeds above 180kW (Tier 4).

The end result was massive increases in the costs of Supercharger sessions, some even working out to be two or three (or more) times as expensive as before, causing a lot of negative feedback from owners across the country.

The criticism even caught the attention of CEO Elon Musk, who said he would look into it but ultimately blamed the higher rates on the fact Canadian regulations mean Tesla has to bill owners per minute, instead of by the amount of electricity actually used (per-kWh).

While we wait for Measurement Canada to implement per-kWh billing, Tesla appears to have listened to the feedback and lowered rates for the higher tiers, but also increased rates at the lower tiers.

For example, the Tier 1 rate at the Charlottetown Supercharger has increased by $0.10 to $0.41/minute. The Tier 2 rate remains unchanged, while the Tier 3 rate has been lowered by $0.25 to $1.30/min and the Tier 4 rate has dropped from $2.45 to $2.15/minute.

The story is similar at other Superchargers we reviewed in March compared to today.

These new rates will hopefully result in lower Supercharger bills for Tesla owners in Canada, although it won’t return it to the levels we had before the increase in March.

For example, using a bill from a charging session in Orangeville, Ontario, plugging in for 25 minutes under the original pricing cost $9.85. After the increase in March a 24 minute session cost $16.26. Now that same charging session would cost $15.78.

Original March Today
10 min $0.25 $2.50 9 min $0.26 $2.34 9 min $0.34 $3.06
15 min $0.49 $7.35 9 min $0.68 $6.12 9 min $0.68 $6.12
6 min $1.30 $7.80 6 min $1.10 $6.60
TOTAL $9.85 $16.26 $15.78

Here is a comparison of all the Superchargers we reviewed in March (left) compared to the new rates today (right). Let us know in the comments below how much rates have changed at your local Supercharger.

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