Tesla Supercharger network grows 49% in 12 months, plans to triple size over the next two years

Tesla’s Supercharger network is one of the company’s biggest assets. While other automakers rely on third-party charging providers for owners of their electric vehicles (EVs), Tesla had the foresight to build out their own network, with the first station built in 2012.

In the Q3 2021 earnings report and call, Tesla outlined just how much the network has grown over the last 12 months, and by how much plans to expand it the coming years.

According to figures in the Q3 2021 shareholder deck, there are now 3,254 Supercharger stations around the world. That represents a growth of 49% year-over-year (YoY), and a 9% increase over the previous quarter.

Busy Tesla Supercharger

The growth is even more impressive if you go back to Q3 2019. At that time there were 1,653 Superchargers, meaning the network has doubled over the last two years.

With deliveries nearing 250,000 per quarter, and the intention to open the network to other EVs soon, the expansion plans are not slowing down.

During the earnings call, SVP of Powertrain and Energy Engineering Drew Baglino said they intend to triple the size of the network in the next two years.

If you forget to navigate to a Supercharger, Tesla now reminds you to do so next time

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