Quebec Tesla Supercharger Status Updates

In Tesla’s 4th quarter update to the Find Us map, there have been a few pushbacks, but no new locations for Quebec. That said, there have still been some construction updates on Superchargers in the region.

St-Liboire Supercharger

As we reported back in March, a permit was pulled for a Supercharger at the Irving Big Stop (1144 Rang Saint-Édouard). It is now under construction with 12 V3 stalls on the west side of the lot (along the road).

Located just 17km from St-Hyacinthe, St-Liboire will serve local owners on the way to and from Quebec City.

Photo via Tesla Motors Club user Jaslesp

Montreal Supercharger

After months of structural work on the parking garage in which it is located, the Montreal Supercharger (aka St-Laurent) is finally reopen for business.

Work on the Tesla side of the structure is reportedly finished, and the location is now labeled as open on the car map.

Photo via Twitter user Louis Charette (@louischarette)

Gatineau Supercharger

As we reported last year, the Gatineau Supercharger is coming soon to an IGA grocery store on the city’s west side. Originally posted by Silvain Michaud on Facebook, the city’s planning commission just approved the installation of 8 Superchargers and 3 off-brand fast chargers at 1248 de la Verendrye Blvd Est.

The site is expected to open by the end of 2021.

Montreal (Downtown) Supercharger

Originally slated to open in the 3rd quarter, the second Montreal Supercharger has been pushed back yet again to the first quarter of 2022. The exact location has yet to be discovered, but we are told it is currently under construction in a pay per day parking garage in the downtown area.

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