Village of McBride considering proposal for Tesla Supercharger

Tesla has contacted the Village of McBride, British Columbia about the possibility of installing a Supercharger in the area.

McBride is a small village located on the Yellowhead Highway in central-eastern part of the province. It is almost positioned almost equidistantly between Prince George and Jasper, Alberta, both of which already have proposed Supercharger locations.

McBride map

In the dead of winter the 374km trip between Prince George and Jasper might be too much for some Teslas. As a result, the Senior National Manager from Tesla Ian Myrans reached out to city staff earlier this year about potential locations for a Supercharger within the village.

At the regular council meeting on March 23 2021, a motion was carried that authorized staff to initiate discussions with Tesla. The motion also asked staff to determine possible locations for the Supercharger. One location that was considered is Robson Square, where there is currently a BC Hydro EV charging station.

McBride Supercharger
Image via Village of McBride

A review of meeting minutes shows there has been no agenda items relating to the Tesla Supercharger since March 23.

Tesla now updates their Supercharger map every quarter, so we’ll be keeping an eye for a new pin appearing for McBride, hopefully in early July.

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