Montreal Supercharger could remain closed until mid-August

Two weeks ago Tesla closed down the Montreal (St-Laurent) Supercharger. According to the latest information from a Club Tesla Quebec Zoom meeting, the location could remain closed until mid-August.

Unfortunately the closure is not for a planned upgrade or adding additional capacity. Instead, the parking structure itself is closed for a much needed renovation. In the past, driving into large potholes near the Supercharger was a common occurrence. Some of the potholes have since been covered up, but the entryway is still bumpy.Montreal Supercharger Montreal Supercharger

A third Supercharger is planned for Montreal’s downtown area. The exact location is currently unknown, as is the timeline. In the meantime, Tesla owners can use the 20-stall Pointe-Claire Supercharger to top off their battery.

Saint Laurent closed

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