Most advanced Tesla Supercharger network in the world is in Canada

According to a report by Lease Fetcher, Canada has the most technologically advanced Supercharger network in the world.

As per the report, 48.1% of the entire Supercharger network in Canada is composed of V3 Superchargers.

In terms of total V3 chargers in the network, Canada is ahead of other countries like China at 42.9%, South Korea at 42.1%, and USA at 37.1%.

The Canadian Supercharger network also ranks well compared to the rest of the world. With 1,252 points, Canadian Superchargers account for 4.15% of worldwide Supercharger points.

This puts Canada in third place globally, but still far behind the United States (12,235) and China (8,401).

Moreover, the investments are not stopping for Canada in terms of Supercharger points. The country has 56 coming soon charging locations, representing a 42.7% increase to the current live charging locations.

That 42.7% number puts Canada sixth behind networks trying to catch up, such as Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Sweden and Germany.

Canada is third in terms of raw numbers in adding new charging points at 56.

As more and more Tesla’s hit the road, Tesla is investing in Superchargers at a record pace. Tesla announced earlier this year plans to triple the size of the existing Supercharger network over the next two years.

Source: Lease Fetcher

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