Tesla asks customers to show their support after Measurement Canada denies request for temporary approval for per-kWh Supercharger billing

Tesla is once again asking owners in Canada to push Measurement Canada to implement fair billing at public charging stations, including Superchargers, after the agency denied the automaker’s request for temporary approval to bill customers on the amount of energy consumed, rather than based on how long they are plugged in.

Under the existing regulations in Canada, charging providers are not allowed to bill customers for the amount of energy they use, only allowing utility providers to do so. Since 2020 Measurement Canada has been working with industry to transition EV charging stations to bill based on the amount of energy consumed.

Apparently frustrated with the slow progress, Tesla sent a letter to Measurement Canada on May 3, 2022 requesting a “temporary dispensation” that would allow them to implement energy-based billing until the agency concludes its process and comes up with new rules and standards.

Unfortunately the request was denied, with Measurement Canada saying it would be “premature” to grant the exemption to Tesla while it continues to work with stakeholders to develop the new standards. No timeline was provided for when the process might be completed, only that work was “progressing quickly” and that they are currently in their public consultation phase.

Tesla is not giving up though, and is asking owners to send letters and create videos showing why you think the Government of Canada should grant temporary approval for Tesla to enable per-kWh billing at Superchargers.

The change would be welcomed by owners across Canada after Tesla recently implemented a new four-tier billing structure that saw Supercharger bills increase substantially.

You can leave a comment at Engage Tesla, or record a video with you sharing your thoughts through a special link on the same website.

You can find a copy of the letters from Tesla and Measurement Canada below.


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