FSD Beta for RHD markets coming “probably later this year”: Elon Musk

Tesla owners in Australia and other right-hand drive (RHD) markets could get the opportunity to test Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta later this year.

On Tuesday CEO Elon Musk was asked by Australian Tesla enthusiast Tesla in the Gonga (@TeslaGong) if there was an ETA on a version of FSD that works with RHD vehicles, to which Musk replied “Probably later this year.”

Musk did not specify if this would apply to all RHD markets at the same time, or if certain markets would receive it before others, but considering he replied to an Australian Tesla owner, it would not be surprising to see it arrive first down under.

To get the opportunity however, they will first have to purchase FSD Capability, which sells for AUD$10,000, or about $9,036 CAD or $6,969 USD.

This is the second piece of good news for Australian Tesla owners in the last week. On Friday the automaker finally started taking orders for the Model Y in Australia and three other Asia-Pacific markets.

The response was more than Tesla anticipated, with estimated delivery dates extending further into the future just hours after orders opened. The response was so great that Musk announced late Sunday night that Tesla will accelerate RHD Model Y production, which are currently only made at Giga Shanghai.

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