Location of second Tesla Supercharger in Alaska revealed in permit application

Tesla owners in Alaska went a long time without any Superchargers. The first Supercharger in the state only opened last November in Soldotna, about 3 hours south of Anchorage.

Even though there are no other planned locations on Tesla’s Supercharger map, the automaker has applied to build a second station.

According to the permit application posted to the Municipality of Anchorage website (via TMC), Alaska’s second Supercharger will be located in the parking lot of the Three Bears grocery store in Chugiak, a short 30 minute drive outside of Anchorage.

The site will feature 8 stalls and when complete will be North America’s northernmost Supercharger.

The permit doesn’t specifically mention Superchargers, but one of the listed permit contacts is Jennifer Pretare, Tesla’s Design Manager, Charging Infrastructure.

Even though 8 stalls is a relatively small number of connectors, it is double the size of the Soldotna Supercharger.

North America’s northernmost Supercharger now open in Soldotna, Alaska

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