Tesla Supercharger network will soon open up to other EVs: Rumour

One of Tesla’s biggest advantages over other electric vehicle (EV) makers is their expansive Supercharger network, now with nearly 24,000 stalls around the world.

If the latest rumour is true, that advantage might not be as big for very long. According to Twitter user @BillWri90307793, someone who has provided notable Tesla related information in the past, other EV owners will soon be able to use a Supercharger with just an adapter and the Tesla app.


When asked a follow-up question, Bill gave more details about how exactly it would work.

There are definitely some advantages to Tesla opening up the Supercharger network to other EVs. The biggest relates to Tesla’s Mission Statement – accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

There are also some disadvantages, the biggest being Supercharger congestion. In many cities it is not uncommon to find a line up of Tesla vehicles waiting for an open Supercharger. Adding in other EVs will only make that problem worse, especially if they don’t charge as fast as a Tesla, leading to stalls being occupied for a lot longer than they are now.

Musk confirmed late last year that another automaker has taken up his offer to use the Supercharger network, but it was done “low-key.” That deal was likely with Aptera, which has yet to release a vehicle but have dropped several hints and even shown the Tesla charging inlet in a promotional video.

Aptera Tesla inlet

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