Downtown Montreal Supercharger now open [Quebec]

It took a little longer than expected, but the downtown Montreal Supercharger has finally been turned on.

Construction of the 8 stall Urban Supercharger at the Hampton Inn located (985 St-Laurent Blvd), in the city’s Chinatown district was completed in early December.

The Superchargers were expected to be commissioned soon after, but unknown delays pushed the opening back until last weekend, when the station finally appeared on the in-car navigation.

Since it is located in the parking garage of the Hampton Inn hotel, there are parking fees to consider before you plug in, and they are not cheap.

A 20 minute visit will cost $4.50, with that rate doubling to $9.00 for a 21-40 minute stay, and reaching $13.50 for a 41-60 minute stay. Stay for longer than one hour and you will have to pay a whopping $19.00.

Adding insult to injury, the Supercharger is only capable of reaching speeds up to 72kW, meaning a typical charge from ~20% to 80% will take the better part of one hour.

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