SpaceX launches Starlink Portability feature to use Dishy McFlatface in new locations [Update]

SpaceX has launched a new feature for Starlink subscribers that will allow them use the satellite internet service away from their home location.

Simply called ‘Starlink Portability,’ the feature works so long as you keep your Starlink dish within the same continent as your registered home address.

There are some other limitations with the add-on, the most important being that when you are ‘roaming’ you are given lower priority when connected to the network.

That means you may not experience the same internet speeds you are used to when accessing the service from home.

Another limitation is that it cannot be used while in motion. SpaceX says if you do, you void your warranty, but also says they are working to make it possible to use Starlink on moving vehicles.

The company also stresses that this is only for temporary access. If you plan on staying in a location away from your home for an extended period you are still required to change your registered service address.

The feature can be activated at any time for an additional monthly fee of $25 USD, raising the total monthly bill for Starlink satellite internet service to $135 USD.

The Starlink support page for Canada shows the same $25 fee, although it is unlikely to cost the same amount north of the border considering the exchange rate.

UPDATE May 5 8:29am PST: Canadians will have to pay $30 for Starlink Portability.

While SpaceX may have just added the feature, Starlink users have already been taking Dishy McFlatface on the road with them. Just a few days ago Elon Musk commented on a tweet from long-time Tesla investor Dave Lee (@heydave7), saying “Starlink is awesome for RV’s, camping or any activity away from cities.”

It is unclear if users will be still be able to use the service away from their home location for free.

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