Windstar Cruises adds SpaceX Starlink Wi-Fi

SpaceX is quickly taking over the cruise industry, with the latest cruise line operator Windstar Cruises announcing they are adding Starlink internet to their fleet of cruise ships.

Windstar Cruises says they have already launched Starlink on-board Wi-Fi to their Star Pride ship during a recent voyage in the Caribbean. The company plans to offer Starlink on all of their ships by mid-2023, with the Star Legend next to receive the high-speed, low latency satellite internet service this spring, followed by the Wind Surf, Wind Star, and Star Breeze.

One of their ships, Wind Spirit, operates in French Polynesia, a region where Starlink is not currently available, but Windstar says they will add it as soon as it launches in the area.

According to the company Starlink will work alongside their existing satellite internet provider Anuvu, which will deliver “more reliable and faster internet to Windstar’s guests.”

“I am thrilled to be working with Anuvu and Starlink to offer our guests the latest in satellite technology. When the ships are inside the service area, faster speeds will alleviate much of the frustration felt at peak use times.

“Starlink is yet to be available worldwide, but Windstar Cruises is excited to be among the first in the cruise industry to offer this cutting-edge technology. The addition of high-speed internet service with our current geostationary satellite service will enable guests to stay connected to family and friends” said Gregg Wagner, technology director, Windstar Cruises.

Windstar joins other smaller cruise lines such as American Cruise Lines, Hurtigruten Expeditions, and SeaDream Yacht Club that have signed on as Starlink Maritime customers. Several major cruise lines have also added Starlink to their fleets such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival.

It appears as though Norwegian has also signed a deal with SpaceX, but the company has yet to officially announce the deal.

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