American Cruise Line adds Starlink to its fleet

Another cruise operator has joined SpaceX’s growing list of Starlink’s maritime customers. American Cruise Line, a US-based company that operates a fleet of riverboats and small ships that will now be connected to the internet using Starlink dishes.

According to the company, Starlink is an upgrade to what it uses. The dishes will ensure more reliable connectivity and faster data upload speeds. American Cruise Line prefers Starlink because it is available everywhere within the country, including Alaska, the Florida Keys, Napa Valley, the Hudson River, the Mississippi, and the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

The cruise operator had been testing Starlink on its boats since last year. The result was overwhelmingly positive from guests, reports CruiseRadio.

American Cruise Line will offer the new internet service free on all 2023 voyages. It has an all-inclusive pricing structure. Guests will be able to enjoy Starlink on the company’s 17 small ships and riverboats across 35 states in the US.

Other cruise lines signed up to Starlink include Norwegian Cruise LineHurtigruten ExpeditionsRoyal CaribbeanSeaDream Yacht Club, etc.

However, Starlink has also attracted non-leisure users, including the US military, which is testing it in the Arcticthe Ukraine government to assist in defending itself from the Russian invasion, the UK government for use in remote communities, etc.

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