Starlink is coming to Muscowpetung First Nation in Saskatchewan

Credit: Cnet

The Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation in Saskatchewan confirmed that Starlink services are coming to every home in the nation in 2023.

The nation signed a service order agreement to see all 127 occupied housing units get Starlink services.

The Muscowpetung Nation sits in the hard-to-reach Qu’Appelle Valley in rural Saskatchewan, which made satellite internet the ideal solution.

Muscowpetung Chief Melissa Tavita said this:

By connecting our entire community with Starlink, we will provide our children greater access to resource-sharing tools and other forms of higher learning. Muscowpetung will therefore be the only Indigenous community in Saskatchewan where every residence is connected to such a powerful medium at such speed.

SpaceX confirmed the news via Twitter.

Neither the nation nor SpaceX confirmed a date when the service agreement would be fully online.

However, some homes have already had Starlink terminals installed but it will take some time for all 147 homes to get the hardware.

Neither the nation nor SpaceX confirmed the overall cost of the agreement between SpaceX and the nation.

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