Software update increases Rivian R1T and R1S driving ranges

Credit: Rivian

Rivian owners have something to look forward to in the latest software update. The R1T and R1S will gain more miles of driving range.

The R1T pickup truck with “Large Pack” battery shipped with a driving range of 314 miles, while the R1S SUV offered slightly more at 316 miles. However, a software update has unlocked even more miles for the variant.

The R1T with “Large Pack” battery now offers 328 miles on a single charge, while the R1S offers 321 miles.

Interestingly, the R1S now offers 5 miles less than its truck sibling.

Rivian has multiple configurations of both the truck and the SUV, which can get confusing between the battery and wheel-drive configurations.

For instance, Rivian offers Standard, Large, and Max. However, the Standard battery option only comes with dual electric motors.

Rivian has removed the range estimate for the dual-motor-large-pack option. However, Rivian clarified in response to Electrek that the configuration is still passing through testing and validation. It put a dash in place of the original driving range estimate until the testing process is finalized.

It was previously estimated to last 320+ miles between charges.

Rivian also mentioned it now estimates ranges based on specific wheel/tire combinations, which will help buyers make informed choices.

A recent update added Snow Mode, Spotify, and Tidal music streaming services. Rivian also started making deliveries in Canada last month.