Starlink expands to Africa after receiving license to provide satellite internet service in Mozambique

spacex starlink dish

Mozambique’s National Institute of Communications (INCM) announced SpaceX has been approved for a license to provide Starlink satellite internet services for the country.

The INCM hopes that approving the satellite-based internet service will improve connectivity within the country. Starlink will also complement existing companies within the market and will not require any additional infrastructure.

NIC Chairman Tuaha Mote noted at the license hand-over ceremony that:

I would like to thank SpaceX for selecting Mozambique to be its first partner and the first country in Africa to introduce its internet services that will mitigate and facilitate access to internet in the country, increase digital inclusion and consequently social inclusion. (via ClubofMozambique)

Mozambique is the first country in Africa to approve Starlink.

The company is currently going through several other approval processes across the globe, including most recently in Fiji.

Currently, Starlink is mainly available for countries between 45 and 53 degrees latitude. However, SpaceX is still setting up its network of satellites, which will expand that area further.

SpaceX did not release the pricing for the Mozambique network as of yet.

An official announcement with pricing and when the internet service will launch should come in the next few weeks.

Elon Musk hopes to bring Starlink to the air within six months

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