SpaceX discounts Starlink hardware in select Canadian provinces

SpaceX has introduced a “regional savings” program in Canada, providing substantial discounts on Starlink hardware for Canadians. This program is only available in select provinces, and is aimed at increasing the subscriber base in areas with excess network availability.

According to an update to the Starlink website, Canadians in seven provinces can now purchase a Starlink antenna for just C$199, thanks to a C$300 discount applied at checkout. Under normal pricing the Starlink kit costs C$499.

The discount is available to new orders in specific regions across seven provinces: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. (via PCMag)

If you live outside of these provinces, and are looking for a discount on Starlink hardware in Canada, you can still purchase a refurbished kit for C$299.

Credit: SpaceX

To ensure the discount benefits only those in the selected provinces, SpaceX has implemented rules to prevent misuse. If a customer moves outside the eligible regions, they will be billed for the amount of the original savings.

SpaceX does not make it clear if there is a restriction on how long you have to live within the designated area before being able to move without a penalty. SpaceX does say that Starlink customers that change their service plan within six months will also be billed for the original C$300 savings.

In addition to the initial hardware cost, customers must still pay a monthly fee of C$140 for internet access.

This expansion into Canada follows the launch of the same Regional Savings program in the United States. In select areas, including Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Virginia, SpaceX has introduced discounts on the V4 Starlink dish, reducing the price from US$599 to US$349.

These new regional savings programs in Canada and the US come as Starlink continues to grow its user base, recently surpassing 3 million subscribers worldwide.

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