SpaceX’s $2,500 High Performance Starlink dish now available to residential users

SpaceX’s Starlink dish can be pricey if you want more than the standard offering. The company has started offering its High Performance dish to residential users for $2,500 USD, compared to $599 USD or $759 CAD for the Standard dish.

This is a significantly higher cost for the hardware, however the monthly subscription remains the same at $110 USD.

We tried several Canadian addresses on the Starlink website but were not offered the option to purchase the High Performance Dish, however PC Mag was able to get it to appear for an address in San Francisco.

The expensive hardware was previously available only to business customers when Starlink Premium was introduced in February. SpaceX offered it as a premium tier, costing $500 monthly. The tier has now been renamed Starlink Business.

According to the SpaceX support page, the expensive dish is well-suited for harsher environments. It can bear heat, cold, and rain better than the standard receiver.

The rugged dish can see 35 percent more sky, increasing its capability to connect to more satellites. It also performs better with unavoidable obstructions.

Users of the $2,500 satellite dish can expect speeds between 150 to 300 Mbps. In comparison, the regular dish promises between 50 and 200 Mbps.

However, faster speeds are not guaranteed with the souped-up dish, at least for now. The Starlink network is already tasked to the limit, thanks to overwhelming demand for the service.

The satellite internet service is now available on all continents, including Antarctica.

SpaceX has also signed on its first reseller for enterprise and maritime customers.

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