Speedcast signs up as first Starlink reseller for enterprise and maritime clients

Starlink receiving dish

SpaceX has named its first-ever Starlink reseller, as reported by Space News. The company is Speedcast, which provides remote communication services.

Speedcast will resell Starlink satellite internet services to clients in the enterprise and maritime markets. The company stated that Starlink represents an upgrade in speed and latency. Its clients include oil rig and merchant vessel operators and others in remote locations. One of Speedcast’s potential clients is cruise operator SeaDream Yacht Club, which installed Starlink on its two cruise ships.

The low earth orbit SpaceX puts its satellite is a better proposition than the companies it currently buys services from.

Up till now, SpaceX has been selling directly to customers. It recently extended its services to enterprise and maritime users. The deal with Speedcast will allow SpaceX to penetrate the energy sector, which is a big consumer of satellite capacity.

“Starlink is an exciting new communications pathway for customers,” Speedcast CEO Joe Spytek said, “offering significant diversity and added capacity at a time when remote sites continue to push to the farthest ends of the Earth and when bandwidth demand is ever increasing.”

SpaceX has been busy putting more Starlink satellites in orbit. The last batch launched 34 satellites to space on a ride-share.