Sandy Munro sits down with Elon Musk for 1-on-1 interview

Well known for his teardowns of Tesla vehicles, Automotive industry veteran Sandy Munro is currently on a road trip across the US in his brand new 2021 Model 3.

On a recent stop this past weekend in Boca Chica, Texas, Munro got the opportunity to sit down with Tesla CEO Elon Musk for a nearly hour-long interview.

The two discuss a variety of topics including Tesla production and why two cars built one month apart can have differing levels of quality.

They also discuss the Model 3 seats, which Munro calls the best he has ever sat in. Musk says their in-house designed and manufactured seats haven’t always been that good. Describing the seats in early Model S vehicles, Musk said they were probably the worst of any car he has ever sat in, affectionately calling them “the stone toadstool.”

Musk also reveals the Model 3 will one day also feature the same type of single-piece rear casting currently used on the Model Y. It might be a while until this happens though. Musk said Giga Texas and Giga Berlin both need to be up and running, giving them the flexibility to shut down Fremont for the retooling and still be able to deliver their current best-selling vehicle.

You can watch the full interview below, and as with any Elon Musk interview, it’s worth a watch.

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