SpaceX valuation could soar to $150 billion with latest funding round: Report [Update]

SpaceX is reportedly in discussions to launch a new funding round that if successful would value the aerospace company at more than $150 billion. That would be above the $125 billion valuation SpaceX sought in its most recent funding round earlier this year.

According to a report by Bloomberg citing people familiar with the discussions, SpaceX is offering shares at about $85 each. During the last funding round shares were offered at $70 each (post-split).

UPDATE Nov 15 3:05pm PT: According to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, the Bloomberg report is false.

UPDATE Nov 15 3:45pm PT: A source has informed Drive Tesla that Musk’s ‘false’ statement is only partially true. SpaceX is conducting a secondary share sale, allowing existing shareholders to sell their shares to others. This means SpaceX won’t be raising any new funds, which is the part of the story that Musk is apparently referring to. Even though no new funds are being raised, SpaceX shares will still be offered at $85 per share, still implying a valuation of $150 billion.

Investors may buy new shares in SpaceX at the same time employees sell via a private placement, or tender offer, at the same valuation, the report explained.

If the funding round is successful, as all previous have been, SpaceX will be worth more than double what it was last year. In February 2021 the company was valued at $74 billion with shares at $419.99 (pre-slit).

Even with the sky-high valuation, SpaceX still has a ways to before they can claim the title of most valuable private company in the world.

That title currently belongs to China’s Bytedance, the creator of Tik Tok and other social media services, which is currently worth about $300 billion.

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Source: Bloomberg

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