SpaceX offering Starlink discounts and promotions in Australia and Europe

SpaceX has announced it is offering a discount on Starlink equipment in Australia as well as cutting the price and offering an easier way to get started with the service in some European countries.

Starlink Discount in Australia

Customers in Australia who have been sitting on the fence about ordering Starlink may want to place their order now as SpaceX has launched a new promotion offering a 51% discount on Starlink hardware.

According to the SpaceX website in Australia, customers who order Starlink before December 31, 2022 will only have to pay AUD$450 for hardware, compared to the regular price of AUD$924. (h/t: @SawyerMerritt)

According to the Starlink availability map, the satellite internet service is available in the vast majority of the country, with the exception of some northern areas. Those areas are expected to come online in the first quarter of 2023.

Starlink Price Cut & Promotion in Europe

Along with the discount in Australia, SpaceX has also cut the price of the monthly subscription fee in Italy. According to emails sent to existing customers, the monthly fee has been reduced by 29% from €70 to €50 ($94 to $67 CAD/$69 to $44 USD).

The company is also offering a limited time promotion where customers will only have to pay €1 for the Starlink hardware. The remaining balance will be billed to the customer’s account 30 days after the service is activated, unless the customer opts to cancel and return the equipment within those 30 days.

This offer is also being made to customers in Switzerland (for CHF 1), where SpaceX also just launched Starlink for RV for CHF 119 per month ($162 CAD/$119 USD).


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