Tesla adds Model Y ‘Comfort Suspension’ at Fremont and Giga Texas, including to the Performance variant

Credit: Tesla

Back on October 17th Elon Musk revealed on Twitter the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y were being built with improved suspension that provides “better comfort, without affecting handling.”

Musk didn’t provide many details at the time but specified it was only for the “standard (non-Performance)” variants, but Drive Tesla has learned it now also applies to the Model Y Performance variant, and has been in place for some time.

According to an email sent to employees on Tuesday Model Y cars being built at both Fremont and Giga Texas now include what Tesla is calling ‘Comfort Suspension.’

Giga Texas was first to implement the update to their Model Y Long Range production lines on August 29, 2022. The email does not say when the 4680 Model Y will receive the new suspension.

For Fremont, the changes apply to the Model Y Long Range, including both the 5-seater and 7-seater configurations, as of October 7, 2022, ten days before Musk published his tweet.

Additionally, any Model Y Performance built on or after October 11, 2022 also has the Comfort Suspension.

The email was specific to the Model Y only, and included no details of if or when the Model 3 received Comfort Suspension.

Unfortunately there was no explanation of what is different with the new suspension setup, but Tesla describes the benefits of it with similar wording to what Musk used.

“Our latest Model Y Comfort Suspension provides improved ride comfort and reduced road harshness while maintaining the steering and handling precision characteristic of Tesla vehicles.”

As with any production change like this, owners are going to ask if it will be possible to upgrade to the new suspension. In the email Tesla says this is not possible, but gives hope that it might be one day by saying “not at this time.”

Have you taken delivery of a Model Y with Comfort Suspension based on the dates above? Let us know what you think of the ride quality in the comments below.

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