Petersen Museum to hold year-long ‘Inside Tesla’ exhibition

The Petersen Museum will once again welcome Tesla inside its walls, this time for a year-long exhibition titled “Inside Tesla: Supercharging The Electric Revolution.”

The exhibition will begin on November 19 with a special opening preview party, followed by the public opening on November 20, with the exhibition running until October 22, 2023.

According to the Petersen Museum website, the exhibition will examine “the company’s story from fledgling startup to EV juggernaut and explores the range of its products, the breadth of its manufacturing capabilities, and its irrefutable impact on the modern transportation landscape.”

It will do so by displaying a number of Tesla products, including concepts, prototypes, and production vehicles. Although no specific dates were provided, the exhibition will include the Roadster and Cybertruck during the year-long exhibit, both of which have made previous appearances at the Petersen Museum.

The museum notes that the vehicles and products on display could change at any time.

“Tesla has revolutionized the automotive, EV, technology, and manufacturing spaces within a relatively short time span, begetting the question, ‘How did they do that? This exhibit strives to be a holistic walk-through of how the brand became a global phenomenon and further details what lies ahead,” Museum Executive Director Terry L. Karges said. (via Teslarati)

The exhibition will also touch on some of Elon Musk’s other business ventures including SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Hyperloop.

Admission to the special opening preview party will cost $199 for a VIP ticket or $100 for a general ticket. Buy yours here.

General admission tickets cost $19 for an adult, $12 for a child (4-17), or $17 for a senior (62+). Buy yours here.

Tesla Roadster arrives at Petersen Museum for two week exhibit [Photos & Video]

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