SpaceX increasing prices for rocket launches

Yesterday SpaceX announced that the company is raising the cost of its Starlink equipment and monthly internet packages.

SpaceX is also increase the price of Falcon rocket launches.

The company is citing excessive inflation levels as the reason they adjusted the costs across the board.

On the rocket side, the starting prices for both the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy are going up roughly 8 per cent.

A Falcon 9 launch will now cost $67 million, up from $62 million.

While a Falcon Heavy launch will now cost $97 million compared to the previous cost of $90 million.

Those using the small satellite rideshare program will also see cost increases. Those flights are seeing an increase of $100,000 to $1.1 million.

Finally, SpaceX also increased the cost of additional payload mass. The new price is $5,500 per extra kilogram; previously, SpaceX charged $5,000 per kilogram.

One thing to note is the company also confirmed that this pricing may change for flights moving forward. They note:

“missions purchased in 2022 but flown beyond 2023 may be subject to additional adjustments due to inflation.”

Last night, SpaceX emailed consumer internet customers of Starlink that costs were going up for both the Starlink Kit and Starlink internet monthly service costs.

The increases are taking effect in the next couple of months.

SpaceX increases price of Starlink kits and monthly service

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