Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore gets access to SpaceX Starlink rebate

Nova Scotia has launched a new program that will help set up costs of Starlink services in remote areas of the province.

According to the Guysborough Journal, nine hundred residents along Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore will be eligible for a new Satellite Internet Service Rebate program.

The program, launched in August via Develop Nova Scotia, offers one-time rebates of up to $1,000 to set up super high-speed internet.

The program is only available for those who do not have access to ground-based options.

To check eligibility, residents can head to Develop Nova Scotia’s website and enter in their address.

The province confirmed that it will cover those who already spent money to set up Starlink and those who will now want to set up the satellite internet services.

Starlink came to rural Nova Scotia around a year ago and charges roughly $750 for the hardware to access the low-earth orbit system.

Develop Nova Scotia spokesperson Deborah Page said this about the program:

[We’ll be] approving those [purchases] for payment, whether people buy them today — or bought them yesterday, or six months before, or whenever — if they are on that [eligibility] list.

The program currently does not have a termination date and the province did not confirm if they will expand it at a later date.

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