Canadian ZEV registrations dropped to 7.5 per cent in Q2

After a great start to 2022, zero-emission vehicle registrations dropped by 0.8 per cent to 7.5 per cent of the total new car market.

The latest data comes from S&P Global Mobility via reporting by Electric Autonomy, which described registrations as levelling off for Q2.

When looking into the data, it becomes clear that the major mover for overall registrations was on the battery electric side.

Battery electric vehicle registrations dropped to 5.4 per cent from 6.2 per cent in Q1.

EVs were the primary catalyst of the massive upswing ZEVs have had over the last few months, so a decline in registrations has slowed the wave down.

Across the country, the numbers are down in most areas.

BC fell to 15.7 per cent from 17.1 per cent in Q1.

While Quebec also saw a decrease to 11.2 per cent from 13.6 per cent.

Both Ontario and Yukon saw slight increases, which was a rarity for Q2.

However, when you compare half years, the gains between H1 of 2022 and H2 of 2021 still show steady growth.

ZEV registrations in H1 2022 are at 14.9 per cent, which in comparison to H1’s 11.3 per cent is still impressive.

We should note that many automakers are still struggling with production and supply chain issues.

So, we could see a bit of a rebound in Q3 if Hyundai, Ford and others can get ordered vehicles to customers.

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