Tesla China’s new Model 3 may come with M3P batteries from CATL

The soon-to-be-launched Tesla China Model 3 might come with M3P batteries from CATL.

The recently announced M3P batteries have a tonne of benefits over CATL’s current LFP batteries, including increased range and decreased cost.

As per reporting by CnEVPost, the new battery packs should increase the vehicle’s range by about ten per cent.

On Model 3, this means that the range would improve to 600 km to 700 km from the current range of 556 km to 675 km.

In addition to the range increases, the cheaper battery packs also opens up the Model 3 and Model Y to some potential cost savings.

CATL, for their sake, announced that its M3P batteries are already in mass production and will be in use by next year.

According to reporting by LatePost, CATL will begin supplying Tesla with M3P batteries in the fourth quarter with 72-kWh packs.

Although we had seen rumours that BYD batteries would come to Giga Shanghai, it appears that those were only rumours.

However, BYD blade batteries will be used at Giga Berlin.

The first vehicles with these new batteries will roll off the production line later this month or early September.

Tesla China did not confirm the report and noted that the M3P battery rumours did not match the facts.

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